Rebel Ride

When I first heard about Cars and Coffee Palm Beach hosting a 5 year anniversary show, the first thought that came to mind was to bring a mini DRT to Palm Beach! I maxed out a couple of IG chats with everyone I knew in SoFlo Porsche community, until we migrated over to WhatsApp and planned out some crazy idea of getting together +30 Porsches driving to Palm Beach together. Turns out there were +40 Porsches meeting up at Starbucks (at 5:30AM!) in Hollywood prior to the show from all over the place including the Miami Roughneck Brigade, Parkhaus1, RMC Miami, 9Automotion, and Vertex.

We couldn't have asked for a better drive up! And thank you Freddy & Uber Eddie for the rolling shots!

Big thank you to Lana/Cars & Coffee Palm Beach for all of the support and the opportunity to bring our family up to enjoy the day. We had over +150 Porsches attend Cars and Coffee Palm Beach!